Building a Screener

Screeners in Rally help you select the right participants for your research. When creating studies or panel sign-up forms, you can include a screener using our screener builder. With the screener builder, you can craft new questions or choose from our Question Templates. Instantly qualify or disqualify participants using conditional logic, or review and approve participants at a later time.

Survey Tool Setup

  1. Survey tool: Select your preferred survey tool. While Rally's native survey tool is recommended for seamless integration with properties and automated follow-ups, you can also choose from our other survey integrations.
  2. Qualification: Choose your preferred qualification method to streamline the workflow for qualified participants:
    1. Complete screener without being disqualified: With this option, participants who complete the screener without encountering any auto-disqualifying answers will automatically qualify for the study.
    2. Have a qualifying answer to specific questions: In this option, you can set specific questions in the screener that will automatically qualify participants based on their answers.
  3. Immediate scheduling (optional): Allow qualified participants to book interviews after completing the screener, without waiting for you to follow up.

Add a New Question

  1. Question: Enter the text for the question you want to ask participants.
  2. Required: Mark whether the question is mandatory for participants to answer.
  3. Description (optional): Provide any additional context or instructions for the question
  4. Question Type: Choose the question type. You have six options to choose from: short form text, number, date, single-select, multi-select, and drop-down.

Add Options:

Single-select, multi-select, and drop-down question types require options for your participants to choose from

  1. Adding a single option: Enter your option in the text box and click the plus sign to add any additional
  2. Add 'other' option: Including other as an option, allows participants to leave a custom response
  3. Bulk add options: Add multiple options at once by adding commas between each option

Property Matching (Optional)

Assign screener question responses to a property. When a person takes the screener, their responses will update the values of their properties. Select a property from the Property Manager and map the question to it. If the property has options, you can also map the question options to the property options.

Enable conditional logic, to qualify, disqualify, or redirect a participant to a specific question based on their response to a single-select, multi-select, or drop-down screener question.

Add From Question Template

  1. Question template: You can insert pre-built question templates from Question Templates
    1. Clicking the 'Add Question' button and selecting 'add from question template'.
  1. Select the question(s) from the question template you'd like to add to your screener. Make sure to confirm your selections
  1. You can also create a new templated question from any screener question by clicking on the three dots and selecting 'Save as screener template'

Screener Endings

  1. Screener endings: Customize messages for participants based on their qualification status
    1. Standard: A general message that participants see after they submit the screener.
      • Example: "Thank you for taking the time to fill out the screener survey. If you match our criteria, you will receive an email from us."
    2. Qualified: A message that participants see after they submit the screener with auto-qualifying answers.
      • Example: "Thank you for choosing to participate. We think you'd be an awesome fit for our study, and we will reach out to you when there are opportunities for you to participate in."
    3. Disqualified: A message that participants see after they submit the screener with auto-disqualifying answers.
      • Example: "Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey."