Rally provides the flexibility to personalize and brand your email communications with the option to use personal sender addresses. You can send emails from your linked Google or Office 365 account or from a custom email domain if your workspace has one already set up.

By utilizing these features, Rally empowers you to tailor your sender addresses, create a professional email identity, and streamline your email communications according to your preferences.

Here are some key features related to personal sender addresses in Rally:

  • Custom Domains: If your workspace has custom domains set up, you can edit the From Name, From Address, and Reply to Address for your emails. This allows you to personalize and brand your email communications according to your specific domain.
  • Custom Email Signature: Rally also provides the option to create a custom email signature. You can choose between a plain text format or use HTML to design a more visually appealing signature. This allows you to add a professional touch and provide additional contact information or branding elements in your emails.
  • Default Address: You can set any of your sender addresses as the default for your workspace. By clicking on the three dots next to an address, you can select the option to make it the default. This ensures that the chosen address will be used as the default sender for your emails unless specified otherwise.