Integrations Overview

In Rally, there are several key integrations available to streamline your research workflow and enhance productivity. These integrations span across various categories:

Email & Calendar Integrations

  • Google: Connect your Google email and calendar seamlessly with Rally.
  • Office365: Integrate your Office365 email and calendar to streamline your communication and scheduling processes.
  • Zoom: Automatically create Zoom meeting rooms directly within Rally, making it convenient for scheduling and conducting remote interviews or meetings.
  • Calendly: Schedule research events or interviews via Calendly, and easily sync the events with Rally.

Database Integrations

  • ☁️ Salesforce: Enjoy a two-way sync integration with Salesforce, allowing you to seamlessly transfer and update data between Rally and Salesforce for efficient data management.

Research Tool Integrations

  • 👩‍🔬 Qualtrics: Integrate with Qualtrics to send surveys directly from Rally. You can track participation, collect responses, and save survey data to participant profiles within Rally, streamlining your survey research process.
  • SurveyMonkey: Seamlessly connect SurveyMonkey with Rally, enabling you to send surveys, monitor participant responses, and store survey data within Rally.
  • Typeform: Integrate TypeForm with Rally to send surveys, track responses, and save survey data to participant profiles.

These integrations serve to enhance your research capabilities, streamline data collection, and ensure a seamless research workflow by leveraging the power of these popular tools within the Rally platform.