Question Templates

Screener questions are commonly reused in different studies, and Rally provides question templates to save you time. Instead of writing a new question, you can simply add a question from the template. You also have the option to map the question to an existing Property or create a new property right away.

How to Create a New Question Template

  1. Go to the Question Templates section in the settings and click on 'Add Template'.
  1. Enter a template name, the question itself, and select the appropriate question type. There are six question types available: short form text, number, date, single-select, multi-select, and drop-down. You can also indicate if the question requires a response or needs a description.
  1. For single-select, multi-select, or drop-down question types, include the available options for participants to choose from.


Have a long list of options? Use our bulk add feature to save some time. Make sure to include a comma between each option.

  1. If you want the question response to be associated with a specific property, enable the 'Assign response to property' toggle. You can then select a property that has been created in the Property Manager and map the question to it. If the property has options, you can also map the question options to the property options.