When connecting your Google account with Rally, we'll ask for the following required permissions:

PermissionDescriptionReason for permissionScopes in Google
Gmail SendingSend messages only. No read or modify privileges on users' emails.Rally needs the Gmail Sending permission so we can send emails on your behalf to your research
Google CalendarRead and modify calendars and events.Rally needs the Google Calendar permission so we can detect your availability and schedule interviews with your research participants on your behalf. Calendar event info is never disclosed publicly. Rally only shows participants available time slots in your calendar.calendar

Connecting to Google

To connect your Google account, navigate to Connected Accounts in Settings. To the right of Google, select 'Connect'. A popup will appear asking you to log into the account you want to give Rally permission to. After signing in, you’ll need to approve the requested permissions, listed in the table above. Confirm all required checkboxes are selected before clicking 'Continue' to avoid encountering connection errors. Once complete, your Google account should be connected and ready to use!