Connecting your Qualtrics account to Rally can unlock the following use cases:

Build your screener in Qualtrics and send it out through Rally to leverage more complex screener questions, and track study sign-ups in Rally.

Build your survey in Qualtrics and recruit your participants through Rally to automate and track outreach, participation, and close the loop with an incentive.

Setting up the Qualtrics Integration

After you have the correct User Permissions, you can now set up your Qualtrics integration with Rally. To get started, you can navigate to Settings > Data Connections , click “Connect to Qualtrics”, and follow these steps

Connecting to a Qualtrics account is done via the API token of a Brand Administrator in your Qualtrics account. The API token can be found in your Qualtrics account settings under the "Qualtrics IDs" tab.

Using your Brand Administrator's API token, we will be creating a new user named "Rally UXR" in your Qualtrics account with the email "[email protected]". We will be using that user account in order to fetch data from Qualtrics.

Note: We will not store your brand administrator's API token. We will only store the API token of the Rally user created in your Qualtrics account.

Using the Qualtrics integration in a Study

Now that you have connected your Qualtrics account to Rally, you are ready to use Qualtrics survey in Rally.

  1. Head on over to the studies page in Rally and create a new study with a screener.

  2. In the screener page, click the Survey tool menu and select Qualtrics

  3. Select a Qualtrics survey using the “Select a survey” menu.


    Only published survey in Qualtrics shared with the Rally UXR user will display in the menu.

  4. Click the Preview button to Preview the Qualtrics survey in Rally.

  5. Finish up filling in the rest of the your study information and Voila! You now have a Rally study with a survey powered by Qualtrics that you can share with participants.

Now that you have study with a Qualtrics survey, you can share the link to the study landing page with your participants and prospects and gather some responses. To view the responses follow these steps:

  1. Head on over the the screener responses page for your study.
  2. Click the “View Responses” button next to a participant name.
  3. You can also view the response in Qualtrics using the “View response in Qualtrics” link.


We do not support all Qualtrics question types in Rally at the moment. If you see a question that is not present in the responses panel, then please click the “View response in Qualtrics” link to view all of your questions (see below for the Qualtrics questions we support in Rally at the moment).

Qualtrics FAQ

  1. Why are my Qualtrics surveys not showing up in Rally?

    Only published Qualtrics surveys shared with the Rally UXR user in your account can be used in Rally. Please make sure that your survey has been published. Also, make sure that the Rally UXR user has been added as a collaborator with all permissions for the survey.

  2. I responded to a Qualtrics survey using Rally, why is it not showing up in the responses tab?

    It may take a few minutes for survey responses to make their way from Qualtrics into Rally. Try refreshing the screener responses page in a few minutes. If you still cannot see them, please reach out to us and we will take a look.

  3. Why are some of my Qualtrics questions not displaying in the responses panel?

    We do not support all Qualtrics question types in Rally at the moment. If you see a question that is not present in the responses panel, then please click the “View response in Qualtrics".

  4. What Qualtrics question types are supported in Rally?

    1. Multiple Choice
    2. Text Entry
    3. Slider
    4. Rank Order
    5. NPS
  5. What Qualtrics question types are NOT supported in Rally?

    1. Matrix Table, Side by Side, Constant Sum, Pick Group & Rank, Hot Spot, Heat Map, Drill Down, Highlight, Signature, File Upload