Rally 101

Welcome to Rally 101! This course is designed to help you understand the key features of Rally and provide you with step-by-step guides and videos to become an expert user. Here's an outline of the course:

Learn how to set up your workspace in Rally and configure essential settings to customize your research environment.

Set up your personal profile in Rally, including your name, email, and other relevant information. Customize your profile settings to tailor your experience.

Discover how properties in Rally can help you gather and analyze personal data, preferences, and research interactions to gain insights about your research participants.

Understand how Rally functions as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool and learn how to add and organize participants in Rally to streamline your recruitment process. Explore effective strategies for managing your participant database.

Dive into the world of studies in Rally. Learn how to manage the end-to-end recruitment process for your research studies, including email automation, screening, scheduling, consent management, and incentives.

Explore the power of screeners in Rally and how they help you qualify and disqualify participants based on specific criteria. Learn how to create effective screeners to target the right participants for your studies.

Master the art of scheduling in Rally. Discover how to efficiently manage interview scheduling for your research studies, ensuring seamless coordination between participants and researchers.

Delve into the concept of panels in Rally. Learn how to create and utilize panels as a database of potential research participants who have expressed interest in joining studies. Understand how panels can enhance your recruitment process.

Understand how incentives work in Rally and leverage the integration with Tremendous to manage and distribute participant incentives. Learn how to track incentive transactions in your workspace using Rally's incentive management system.

Explore best practices for email communication in Rally. Learn how to create engaging and effective email templates to communicate with participants and maximize your research outreach.

Integrations in Rally help to simplify your research workflow, enhance collaboration, and improve efficiency. Whether it's managing email and calendars, syncing data with Salesforce, or leveraging research tools, Rally provides a seamless and integrated experience to support your research endeavors.

By following this course outline, you'll gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to make the most of Rally's features and become a proficient user. Let's get started on your Rally journey!