Setting up SSO


Single Sign-On is an enterprise feature contact your Rally sales rep to enable!

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and click on Account.
  2. In the Account settings, find the option for Set up single sign-on and click on it.
    1. This will redirect to to configure SSO with you Identity Provider
    2. Rally is integrated with WorkOS to support a wide range of Identity Providers
      1. From WorkOS docs

This service is compatible with any IdP and supports both the SAML and OIDC protocols. Itโ€™s modeled to meet the OAuth 2.0 framework specification, abstracting away the underlying authentication handshakes between different IdPs.

  1. Select your Identity Provider and follow the guided steps on setting up SSO
    1. If you want to preview how the setup will look, you can select your Identity Provider from WorkOS's integration list at
  • After connecting Rally to your Identity Provider for SSO, you will see a confirmation in the Account settings card in Rally.
  • If you need to make any modifications to your SSO connection, you can click on Edit 'SSO Configuration'. This will take you back to the WorkOS admin portal, where you can make the necessary changes.