Office 365

Supported Providers

With our Office 365 integration, Rally can support integrating with the following providers:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003+
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Office 365


When connecting your Office 365 account with Rally, we'll ask for the following required permissions:

PermissionDescriptionReason for permissionPermissions in Microsoft
Email SendingSend messages only. No read or modify privileges on users' emails.Rally needs the Office 365 Sending permission so we can send emails on your behalf to your research participants.Mail.Send
CalendarRead and modify calendars and events.Rally needs the read and write Calendar permission so we can detect your availability and schedule interviews with your research participants on your behalf. Calendar event info is never disclosed publicly. Rally only shows participants available time slots in your calendar.Calendars.ReadWrite

Connecting to Office 365

To connect your Office 365 account, navigate to Connected Accounts in Settings. To the right of Office 365, select 'Connect'. A popup will appear asking you to continue logging into Office 365. After successfully signing in, your Office 365 account should be connected and ready to use!


By default, Rally will attempt to use the same email as your user when connecting to Office 365. If you plan to use a different email address to connect to Office 365 than your user’s email address, you’ll need to create a new user in Rally with that different email address. Once the new user with the different email address is created, you can then log in as that user to connect their account to Office 365.


You may see a different login screen depending on if we detect you’re using an Outlook or Exchange email provider.


After connecting your account to Rally, you may see a message notifying that you need admin approval before continuing. If you see this message, please contact your IT department requesting them to grant Rally as an approved application for your organization.