How incentives work in Rally

Setting up Incentives

Rally has integrated with Tremendous to provide a global, flexible, scalable incentive system. Some benefits of Tremendous include:

  • Ability to send incentives to international participants and have them receive money in their local currency
  • Ability to select a $ amount of incentive to send, and for the participant to choose amongst 700+ different options amongst gift cards and charities

How to set up incentives (if through Credit Card):

  1. Go to Incentives tab
  2. Press Add Funding Source
  3. Enter your credit card information
  4. Press Add Funds and choose a $ amount to add into your Rally wallet

How to set up incentives (if through invoice):

  • Reach out to the Rally team and let us know how much $ we should invoice you for
  • We will issue the invoice, and once it is paid will add the balance into your Rally workspace

Sending Incentives to participants

Resending or Canceling Incentives

  • At any point, you can track the Status of your incentives under the Incentives tab
  • If a participant has already Claimed their incentive, you cannot cancel
  • For any Incentive that remains Unclaimed you can Cancel or Resend the incentive by :heavy-check-mark: the relevant Participants -> Actions -> Cancel incentive or Resend incentive

Exporting an Incentive report

  • Under the Incentives tab, you can apply Filters & Columns to create the exact report you would like to download
  • Select the :heavy-check-mark: at the top-left of the Participant table, hit Actions -> Export as csv