Screener Conditional Logic

Rally utilizes IF/THEN statements in its conditional logic to determine a participant's outcome. Through conditional screener logic, you can qualify, disqualify, or redirect a participant to a specific question based on their response to single-select, multi-select, or drop-down screener questions.

How to use Screener Conditional Logic

  1. To apply conditional logic, navigate to a single-select, multi-select, or drop-down question and enable the conditional logic toggle.
  1. Craft your "IF" statement using the available drop-down statements.
    1. For single-select questions, choose between "equals any of" or "doesn't equal any of".
    2. For multi-select questions, choose between "is exactly", "includes at least one of", "includes all of", or "doesn't include any of".
  1. Create your "THEN" statement. You can send the participant to a later question in your survey or end the screener. Note that the available options depend on the number of additional questions in the screener. For example, if there are no additional questions, the only option will be to end the screener. If you have four additional questions, you can choose any of them to directly send the participant to next.
  1. Choose to qualify, disqualify, or take no action based on the response.
  1. Add any additional conditions for the question if needed. You can include as many conditions as necessary, but remember that the logic follows the order of the conditions, starting with the first one and proceeding sequentially.

Feel free to customize your survey and make the most of the conditional logic features.