Building & Managing a Panel

How to build a Panel in Rally

Building a panel in Rally is a straightforward process that involves creating the Panel, setting up a signup page, approving panelists, and recruiting them for studies. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the 'Panels' section in the top navigation bar of Rally.
  2. Click on 'Create Panel' and provide a name for your Panel. You can also include an optional description to provide more context.

Creating a Signup Page

You have the option to add participants manually or recruit them through a signup page.

  1. Within your panel, go to the 'Signup Pages' tab and click on 'Create new signup page'.
  2. Provide an internal name for the signup page and select the desired page components:
    1. Welcome Page: Introduce your research program and provide information about what participants can expect.
    2. Screener: Use a short screener to qualify participants based on specific criteria.
    3. Consent form: Require participants to opt-in and provide their consent for research activities.
    4. Welcome email: Automatically send a welcome email to participants who sign up.
  3. Once your 'Signup Page' is published, you can start sharing the link externally and invite participants to sign up for your panel.

Approving Panelists

  1. Open the 'New Signups' tab within your panel to view participants who have completed the signup form.
  2. Review the screener responses of the participants and select the panelists you want to approve.
  3. Click on 'Actions' and choose 'Approve Panelists' to approve the selected participants.

Recruiting your Panelists into Studies

  1. When you're recruiting participants for a study, you can filter the available participants by the associated panel. This allows you to target specific participants from your panel for each study.

By following these steps, you can successfully build a Panel in Rally, manage participant signups, and recruit them for your research studies.