Building & Managing a Panel

Creating a Panel

  1. To start building your Panel in Rally, press on Panels on your top navigation bar.
  2. Press Create Panel and create a Name and optional Description for your Panel

Creating a Signup Page

  1. Within your panel, head to Signup Pages and press Create new signup page
  2. Define an Internal name, and select your page components:
    1. Welcome page -- tell participants about your research program and what to expect.
    2. Screener -- qualify participants with a short screener.
    3. Consent form -- require that participants opt-in to your research.
    4. Welcome email -- automatically send a welcome email to people who sign up.
  3. Once your Signup Page is Published, you can start sharing the link externally and let the signups roll in!

Approving Panelists

  1. Open the New Signups tab to see any new Panelists that have completed your Signup form.
  2. After reviewing their Screener responses, :heavy-check-mark: any people that you want to approve and hit Actions -> Approve Panelists

Recruiting your Panelists into Studies

  1. Every Participant associated with your Panel will filterable when recruiting for a Study.