Scheduled Interviews

Rally's Study Scheduling Tool streamlines the process of scheduling and managing interviews with participants. Here's how you can handle interview scheduling and the various scheduling states in Rally.

Scheduling an Interview

  • Once you've selected and invited participants to the study, they will receive an email invitation to schedule their interview.
  • The participant can select a date and time that works best for them through the provided scheduling options.
  • After the participant schedules their interview, a calendar invite containing dial-in details will automatically be sent to both the participant and the researcher.

Interview Scheduled

  • As soon as the participant schedules an interview, their participant status in the study will automatically change to "Interview Scheduled."
  • This status indicates that the interview has been successfully scheduled and confirms the participant's availability.


  • In the event of an interview cancellation by either you or the participant via the calendar invite, the participant's status will be marked as "Canceled Interview" in the study.
  • This status change helps keep track of canceled interviews for future reference.


  • If you or the participant reschedules an interview via the calendar invite, the participant's scheduled date and time will be automatically updated in Rally.
  • This ensures that the study schedule remains up-to-date and avoids any potential conflicts.

No Show

  • In case a participant does not attend the scheduled interview (no-show), it is essential to take appropriate action.
  • You can either delete the calendar invite and re-schedule the interview with the participant or manually update their status to "No Show" in Rally.

Manual Status Update

  • As a researcher, you have the option to manually update the participant's interview status in Rally.
  • To make updates, click on the participant's name, then click on the 'Actions' button, and choose 'Update Participant Status'.
  • From there, you can select the appropriate status for the participant, such as "No Show," "Canceled Interview," or any other relevant status.