Connected Apps

Rally offers several integrations with external tools and platforms to enhance your research capabilities.

Personal Integrations

Email, Calendar, Video Conference, and Messaging

Google: Integrate with your Google account to streamline email and calendar functionalities.

Office 365: Seamlessly connect your Office 365 account for efficient email and calendar management.

Zoom: Automatically create Zoom meeting rooms to conduct virtual interviews and sessions.

Calendly: Schedule research events with ease using the Calendly integration.

Slack: Stay informed about participant engagement in your studies by receiving Notifications via Slack.

Workspace Integrations

Data Platforms

Salesforce: Enable a two-way sync with Salesforce to keep your participant data up-to-date.

Snowflake: Enable a one-way sync between Snowflake to Rally to keep your participant data up-to-date.

Survey Tools

Qualtrics: Send Qualtrics surveys via Rally, track participation, and save survey data to participant profiles.

SurveyMonkey: Integrate SurveyMonkey to streamline survey distribution and data collection.

Typeform: Utilize Typeform surveys within Rally to gather valuable insights from participants.