When connecting your Zoom account to Rally, we'll ask for the following required permissions:

PermissionDescriptionReason for permissionPermissions in Microsoft
View and manage your meetingsThis scope allows Rally to view and manage user's meetings. This includes performing actions such as scheduling and updating meetings, and updating live streaming options.Rally needs the ability to manage your meetings in Zoom to generate unique Zoom links for interviews scheduled through Rally.meeting:write
View user infoThis allows Rally to view your own user information.Rally need's access to your account's information so we can associate your Zoom account with your Rally account. We use this information to check if the status of your Zoom account is connected or disconnected.user_info:read

Connecting to Zoom

To connect your Zoom account, navigate to Connected Accounts in Settings. To the right of Zoom, select 'Connect'. A popup will appear asking you to continue logging into Zoom. After signing in, you’ll need to approve the requested permissions, listed in the table above. Once complete, your Zoom should be connected.