Adding People to Rally


Adding People Manually

Preparing Your Spreadsheet for Upload

Uploading People to Rally Using a CSV


There are multiple ways to add people to Rally, including manual entry, uploading a CSV spreadsheet, Salesforce integration, panel signups, and screener submissions.

Adding People Manually

This method is suitable for adding a small number of individuals.

How-To Add a Person Manually

  1. Go to the People page in your Rally workspace.
  1. Click on 'Add People' in the top right corner and choose "Add person."
  1. Fill out the properties for the person.
  1. If you have more individuals to add, click 'Save person and add another.' Otherwise, click "Save person."

CSV Import

Preparing Your Spreadsheet For Import

To ensure a successful CSV upload, follow these best practices:

  • New Properties
    • If you have new columns that you want to import as new properties, it is recommended to create those properties in the Property Manager before uploading the CSV.
  • Include an email address
    • The import will fail without an email column
  • Check for duplicate email addresses
    • Rows with duplicate email addresses will be automatically removed during the import process.
  • Separate First and Last Names
    • It is recommended to have first and last names separated for smoother study operations, as custom tokens can be used in email templates (e.g., "Hello {First name}").
  • Format Dates to MM/DD/YYYY
    • Rally supports dates in MM/DD/YYYY format but does not support date-time formats (e.g., 09/22/2023 will be supported, but 09/22/2023 09:25:15 will not).
  • Existing people
    • Rally prevents duplicate contacts during imports. If an email address matches an existing person in Rally, their properties will be updated with the new values from the CSV. No existing contact data is lost, only the mapped fields are updated.

Adding People Via a CSV

Uploading a CSV spreadsheet is the preferred method when adding numerous people at once.

How to Upload People Via a CSV

  1. Go to the People page in your Rally workspace.
  1. Click on 'Add People' in the top right corner and select 'Upload a list of people.'
  1. After reviewing the best practices, click 'Continue' at the bottom right corner.
  1. Upload your CSV file.
  1. Map the columns from the CSV to the corresponding properties. If a property has not been created yet, you can create it at this time.
  1. Review and finalize your upload, then click 'Import'.


You can import your contacts from Salesforce to Rally through our Salesforce integration. To set up the integration and learn more about the process, please refer to our documentation on ☁️ Salesforce. It provides detailed information on how to connect Salesforce with Rally and import your contacts seamlessly.