Participant Profile

Every person added to Rally is assigned a profile, which consists of various views that provide an overview of the individual. These views include:


This view provides a high-level summary of the participant, including their name, last contact date, and panel membership.


In this view, you can see all property values associated with the participant and have the ability to edit any of the properties.

Study Participation

This view displays all the studies in which the participant has been involved. It includes links to the study, the team, the study status, and the participant's status within the study.

Screener Submissions

Here, you can access all the past screener data submitted by the participant and view the associated study.

Consent Submissions

This view presents all the consent forms submitted by the participant. It includes links to download the signed consent form, information about the study or panel from which it originated, and the submission date.


In this view, you can find a comprehensive overview of the participant's outreach, study invitations, interview participation, and incentive history. It shows the most recent occurrence of each of these touchpoints and provides a timeline of touchpoint volume over time.

Contact Status

This view provides a snapshot of the participant's governance status. It includes the last update date, a history of status changes, and any override data, if applicable.