Conflicts and Overrides

When organizing collective or round-robin style interviews, coordinating multiple hosts' schedules and availability can sometimes result in insufficient available time slots. Rally's Study Scheduling Tool provides a solution to this challenge by allowing you to check the joint availability of hosts and understand the reasons behind conflicts for each time slot. This feature enables you to communicate with the hosts and request them to open up certain time slots if possible. Additionally, if you choose the 'Use each host's availability' option in the availability settings, a Super Admin has the ability to override a host's predefined availability.

Understanding Conflicts

  1. In the availability section of the scheduling calendar, you'll find a button on the top right corner called 'Check availability.'
  2. Click on this button to view your hosts' shared availability displayed in white boxes.
  3. Gray boxes indicate unavailable times and conflicts. To understand the reason behind the unavailable times, click on any gray box. It will provide information such as whether the time is outside working hours or if there is an existing event on the host(s) calendar.


  1. Super Admin users have the authority to edit a host's general availability in the availability section of the scheduling calendar.
  2. To make changes, the Super Admin will click on 'Edit' next to the host's name.
  3. They can then update the host's availability to allow for more interviews to be scheduled. It's essential to note that these updates will not be limited to a specific study but will apply globally for the host's availability across all studies.