Email Templates

Rally allows you to create email templates that can be reused throughout your workspace. These templates can be tailored for various purposes, including screeners, confirmations, reminders, scheduling, and incentives. Here's how you can create a new email template:

How to Create a New Email Template

  1. Access the settings and navigate to 'Email Templates'. Click on 'Add Template' to create a new email template.
  1. Provide a template name and select the type of template you want to create. Additionally, choose between a plain text or branded layout. It is recommended to use branded templates as they display your company's logo and brand colors.
  1. Include a subject line and write the body of the email. We suggest using personalized tokens within the subject line and body of the email. Personalized tokens allow you to incorporate customized data points, enhancing engagement and reinforcing your brand perception.perception. Personalized tokens can be added to both the Email subject and body.


Double click to edit existing tokens!

By creating email templates in Rally, you can streamline your communication processes, save time, and maintain consistent branding and messaging across your workspace.