How does the Typeform Integration work?

The Typeform integration in Rally is managed by the Rally UXR developer application in Typeform.

Connecting your Typeform account to Rally can unlock the following use cases:

Screening with a Typeform survey

Build your screener in Typeform and send it out through Rally to leverage more complex screener questions, and track study sign-ups in Rally.

Survey Study Type

Build your survey in Typeform and recruit your participants through Rally to automate and track outreach, participation, and close the loop with an incentive.

Panel Sign-Up Forms with Typeform

Build your panel via a Typeform sign-up form and automatically ingest those participant profiles into your Panel in Rally.

Setting Up the Typeform Integration

To get started, navigate to Connected Apps in Settings. To the right of Typeform, select 'Connect', and follow the steps below in the connection panel.

Using the Typeform Integration in a Study

Now that you have connected your Typeform account to Rally, you are ready to use Typeform surveys in Rally studies.

Using Typeform Surveys in Rally Studies

  1. In Rally, navigate to the Studies page and create a new study with a screener.
  2. In the Screener section, select the Survey tool drop-down and select 'Typeform'.
  3. Select a Typeform survey using the Select a Survey drop-down.
  4. Click 'Preview' to Preview the Typeform survey in Rally.
  5. Finish filling in the rest of your study information and Voila! You now have a Rally study with a survey powered by Typeform that you can share with participants.


Only publicly accessible surveys in Typeform will display in the menu. You can make you surveys publicly accessible by publishing them in Typeform.

View Typeform Survey Responses

Now that you have a study with a Typeform survey, you can share the link to the study landing page with your participants and prospects and gather some responses. To view the responses, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Screener Responses page for your study.
  2. Hover over a participant's name to select the three dots and select 'View Screener Responses'.
  3. You can also view the response in Typeform by selecting 'View response in Typeform'.


Currently, we do not support all Typeform question types in Rallyt. If you see a question that is not present in the responses panel, please click 'View response in Typeform' to view all of your questions and responses. (See below for the Typeform questions we currently support in Rally).

Typeform FAQ

  1. I responded to a Typeform survey using Rally, why is it not showing up in the responses tab?

It may take a few minutes for survey responses to flow from Typeform into Rally. Try refreshing the screener responses page after a few minutes. If you still cannot see them, please contact us and we will take a look.

  1. Why are some of my Typeform questions not displaying in the responses panel?

Currently, we do not support all Typeform question types in Rally. If you see a question that is not present in the responses panel, please click 'View response in Typeform'.

  1. What Typeform question types are supported in Rally?
    1. Short & Long Text
    2. Number
    3. Multiple Choice
    4. Opinion Scale
    5. Email
    6. Phone number
    7. Website
    8. Dropdown
    9. Yes/No
    10. Legal
    11. NPS
    12. Rating
    13. Date / Time
  2. What Typeform question types are NOT supported in Rally?
    1. File upload
    2. Picture Choice
    3. Calendly
    4. Payment
    5. Matrix