Rally Scheduler

Scheduling interviews is made simple with our Study Scheduling Tool. You can easily set up your interview style, hosts, and availability. Check out our tips on Effective Scheduling Strategies

How-to Set-up your Rally Scheduler

Event Setup

  1. Select the scheduling calendar component in your study the access 'Scheduling Calendar' on the left panel.
  1. In 'Event Setup' choose your preferred calendar app.
  1. Name the event, add a description, set the time, and specify the location. For the location, you can choose Zoom or Google Meets if connected to those accounts. If using another video conference app, select "custom location" and include the link and details. Alternatively, you can choose "no location".


  1. Choose your scheduling type from the following options:
    1. Standard 1:1: A participant books a meeting with one team member.
    2. Collective: A participant books a meeting with several team members at the same time.
    3. Round Robin: Participants can book a meeting with any available host.
  1. Add your hosts. For collective and round robin scheduling, you can include multiple hosts.
  1. You can also add guests. Guests will be included in all interview invites regardless of their availability.


  1. Under 'Days to book', select either a fixed date range or a rolling date range. For a fixed date range, choose a start and end date. For a rolling date range, specify the number of days.
  2. Choose between a common schedule for all hosts or individual host availability.
    1. Common schedule: Set the days and hours during which you want the interviews to be held. You can also select specific dates that override the common schedule. Additionally, set the meeting conflict handling.
    2. Each Hosts Availability : Use each host's general availability, which can be customized in the availability section of settings. If there is more than one hosts, you can view their shared availability by clicking on the 'Check Availability' button in the top right corner. If their shared availability is limited, Super Admins can override it. Learn more about Conflicts and Overrides


  1. Set buffer time before and after interviews to allow for preparation or wrap-up.
  2. Specify the minimum booking notice to avoid last-minute booking surprises. Time slots within the minimum booking notice window won't be displayed.
  3. Choose the increment of available start times to show invitees, offering more options with smaller increments.
  4. Set the daily interview limit, which restricts the number of interviews that can be booked in a given day for the study. Leaving it blank means unlimited interviews per day.


  1. Customize the participant's view after booking an interview or when the interview time is reached.


You can add observers as hosts to consider their availability as well.