Step 3: Screener

You have 2 options currently for building a screener in Rally, using our Qualtrics Integration (link) or the Rally Screener Tool.

Rally Screeners have a few major features:

Question Types

  • Short Form Text
  • Date
  • Number
  • Single-select
  • Multi-select

Skip Logic

  • For any single-select or multi-select question, you can set responses to Continue to X Question

Auto Qualification Logic

  • If you would like to reduce friction in your recruitment process, and send qualified participants directly to scheduling, you can toggle on Auto qualification behavior --> :heavy-check-mark: Send to scheduling page
  • Currently, you can only set auto-qualification behavior for Single-select and Multi-select questions

Assigning Response to Properties

  • Allows you to map screener responses to Properties in your participant database
  • This enables you to enrich participant profiles with screener data, for use in future studies


When mapping screener responses to Properties, make sure the question type matches the Property type in Rally. For example, multi-select questions should map to multi-select Properties, and short form questions should map to text Properties.

Question Templates

  • Any questions can be created into question templates and re-used across Rally.
  • Saving a Question Template: Press Actions --> Save as new question template
  • Using a Question Template: Press Add Question --> Add from question templates