Step 2: Review Screener Responses

There are 2 ways to screen participants to join your study in Rally, auto-qualification, and a review process


Auto-qualification is the fastest, and most frictionless way to screen participants, capture consent, and schedule them for interviews in a singular flow.

Based on screener logic in the Study Builder, you can set certain responses to Qualify and turn on Auto-qualification.

Once participants complete a screener, if they have qualified or not, scheduled time with you or not, their responses will appear under Screener Responses for your review.

Screener review process

In the case where you'd rather review each screener response before scheduling your participants (e.g. need to reach specific quotas), you'll go through the following process:

  1. New screener responses will appear under Screener Responses
  2. On this screen, you’ll see a table of all the responses that have come in
  3. From here, you can Qualify or Disqualify participants by pressing ActionsChange Screener Status
  4. You can also invite participants to book time with you by pressing ActionsSend Scheduler Email and sending out the email on the right-hand side