Step 1: Invite Participants

There are 2 ways to invite participants to join your study, Invite Links and Emails:

Invite Links

  • Every study has 2 Public Links that you can find under Share


Invite links are a great way to invite your customers / users who are not currently in your participant database in Rally

  • Examples of when to recruit via public links:
    • Recruit via colleagues: CSMs can send out invite links to a group of hand-picked customers that might be a good fit for a study
    • In-product intercepts: Insert an invite link in a Pendo pop-up to recruit participants at a specific point of your product journey
    • Marketing newsletter: Have your Marketing team insert an invite link into your newsletter for broader distribution


Before sending out emails to participants, you'll need to Add them into your study.

Start by pressing Add Participants and proceed to either upload a .csv or filter from your participant database

Once you've added participants to your study, you're ready to start sending out emails!

Sending out emails

  • You’ll notice the status of every participant is Not Contacted so in order to invite them to the study, you’ll check the boxes next to their names and press ActionsSend invite email
  • Here, you can either send one email at a time or Bulk send to all selected participants on the top right of the screen
  • Once you send out the initial email, the status of each participant will automatically update based on the type of email sent