Participant Profiles

Every Participant in Rally contains a unique Profile that is accessible from any Participant table in your workspace. Simply click on the Participant's name to see:


This view features a high-level overview of your participant, including their name, last contact date, panel memberships, contact status, incentives sent in the calendar year, recent study participation, and a place to leave notes.


This view shows all Property values for your participant, and allows you to edit any Properties.


This view shows all Studies that your participant has been involved in, and includes links to the study, the team, the status of the study, and the status of the participant in the context of the study.

Screener Submissions

This view shows all past screener data submitted by this participant, and links to the study associated with that screener data.

Consent Submissions

This view shows all consent form submitted by this participant, links to a downloadable version of the signed consent form, the study or panel it originated from, and the date it was submitted.


This view shows a comprehensive overview into outreach, study invitation, interview, and incentive histories. It includes the last time each of these touch-points occurred, in addition to the volume of touch-points over time.

Contact Status

This view gives a snapshot into the governance status of your participant, including when it was last updated, a history of how their status has changed, and any override data, if it exists.