Key concepts in Rally

In order to get comfortable using Rally, we've included some of the key concepts to familiarize yourself with below:


Studies are where you can manage the end-to-end recruitment process for individual research studies. Everything from email automation to screening, scheduling, consent, and incentives can happen in Studies.


The People section in Rally houses your entire participant database, including all your Panels and Segments.


A Participant is a person who you have contacted or will contact for research purposes. Participants may be a member of a particular Panel or from a one-off study. Participants have profiles that contain information like contact history, contact status, past screener data, consent submissions, properties, and more.


A Panel is a database of potential research participants, who have expressed interest in participating in research, and have volunteered some specific demographic or attitudinal information about themselves, so that you can target them for specific studies as they come up.


A Panelist is a member of a Panel (or multiple Panels) in Rally.


Incentives in Rally are powered by an integration with Tremendous. The Incentive section in Rally houses a database of all incentive transactions in your workspace, across time. It is filterable & exportable.

Public Links

Public Links are external facing links that you can share with People outside of Rally, to sign-up for a Study or Panel. Public links can be shared in in-product intercepts, marketing emails, customer support docs, and more.


Segments are dynamic groups of participants built off of pre-defined filters. Segments can be used to recruit participants into individual studies.