Governance is a workspace-level "system of rules" that govern outreach and participation limits, to prevent over-contacting and over-sampling participants.

You can find Governance under your Settings - it is split up into 2 sections:

:straight-ruler: Rules

Rule #1: Study Invitation Limits

Set a limit on the number of study invites a Participant can receive over a rolling time period.

Rule #2: Study Invitation Cooldown

Place Participants in a cooldown period once they are invited to a particular study.

Rule #3: Participation Limits

Set a limit on the number of studies a Participant can complete over a rolling time period.

Rule #4: Participation Cooldown

Place Participants in a cooldown period once they complete a particular study.

:no-entry: Blocklist

Anyone in your workspace can manually add Participants to a blocklist for any number of reasons (they no-showed too many times, lied in a research study, did not communicate well, etc.)

How are Governance Rules enforced?

Participant Contact Status

Every Participant profile (link) will have a Contact Status associated with it:

:white-check-mark: Free to contact

Participants are good to be contacted for research.

:construction: In cooldown

Participant is in an active cooldown period and will need to be overriden in order to contact.

:no-entry: In blocklist

Participant was added to a blocklist, and cannot be contacted.

:no-entry: Opted out

Participant self opted-out / unsubscribed, and cannot be contacted.

Overriding Governance

If someone in your workspace is attempting to contact a Participant that is in a cooldown period, they will have to manually override the governance rule, and provide an override reason.

Override reasons, dates, and the overrider will be found on the Participant's Profile under "Contact Status."

When does a person’s governance status update?

There are two different ways the contact status of Participant will update.

  1. Anytime an email outreach action is performed for a given Participant, their governance status is evaluated and updated within several seconds.
  2. Anytime workspace governance settings are changed, ALL Participant in the workspace will be evaluated, and updated within several minutes.