Filters, Columns & Saved Views

Your Participant database in Rally is highly flexible & scalable.

Filters and Columns are ways to organize your Participant database, no matter where you are in Rally - in your People database, a specific Panel, a Study, or Incentives.


  • Any of the properties in your database can combine using boolean operators (AND, OR) in order to narrow in on the exact Participants that you want to display


  • Toggle on and off certain columns in order to change what information is immediately accessible on your Table view.

Saved Views

  • Changes to a view are only visible to you, unless you save those changes for everyone.
  • To save view changes for everyone, you need to open the dropdown menu attached to the "Reset" button, and click "Save for everyone".
    • Note -- observer accounts cannot save views for everyone.
  • Note: Saved Views occur at the workspace level