Email best practices

Email is a foundational building block of Rally, use this guide to learn about all things email in Rally

At a high level, you have 2 major ways of configuring email through Rally:

  1. Connected Accounts -- sign in directly with your Gmail or Microsoft O365 account for immediate email sending
    1. Limits: 400-700 emails per day.
    2. When bulk sending through your connected account, Rally sends out 1 email per minute in order to ensure deliverability
  2. Custom Email Domains -- set up a custom email address (enterprise-only feature)
    1. Limits: 10,000 per day.
    2. When bulk sending via a custom email domain, Rally batches 100s of emails at a time.

When you've got your email address all set up, you'll have 2 options for email formatting:

  1. Plain Text Emails -- looks as if you are sending an email directly from you Gmail inbox
Plain Text Email Example

Plain Text Email Example

  1. Branded Emails -- looks like a nicely designed email template which is on-brand
Branded Email Example

Branded Email Example